Sunday, December 18, 2011

Glass Ornaments

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I made these ornaments to go along with these and these to give as gifts. In every set that I made, I carried the same srapbook paper to make them all cohesive.

You will need:

Glass ornaments, the only ones I could find were irradescent, which I actually would not prefer but I was desperate. They were half off though-bonus!
Scrabook paper

1. Cut long skinny strips of scrapbook paper- use two or three patterns for more flair. You will need 10-15 strips, depending on how full you want the ball.

2. Take the tops off of the ornaments.

3. Twirl the strips of paper around a pencil.

4. Insert the pencil into the opening of the ornament and release the strips of paper.

5. Shake Shake Shake your ornament!

6. If you are using thin ribbon, tie the ribbon now, before you attach the top. If you are using Thick ribbon move onto the next step first.

7. Attach the tops. If you used thin ribbon, you are done! Go take a picture and show me my dears! If you used thick ribbon, tie it now.

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