Sunday, December 18, 2011

Picture Frames

I love these, they are easy, inexpensive and look really good when completed. I am making a bunch this year for Christmas! I got the idea from here:

You will need:
An unfinished wooden frame. I purchased mine at Michaels for $1.00 a piece.
Paint for the edges
Scrapbook Paper. I got some on sale at Michaels for .25 a page-yes!
Sandpaper-or you can use what I use: nail file/emory boards, I bought a big pack at the dollar store for a dollar.
Hot Glue

1. Trace your frame on the back of the Scrapbook paper, making sure to trace the photo opening as well. Then cut it and set aside.

2. Paint the edges of the frame in a corresponding color to your paper, don't forget the edges of the photo opening! Set aside and let dry.

3. After the drying has completed, coat the frame with a layer of mod-podge. I use a foam brush for this.

4. Glue the scrapbook paper to the frame, smooth it out so there are no air bubbles.

5. Go over the paper with another layer of Mod-Podge, try to get any "lines" of glue to be very small, and try not to have any air bubbles. Set aside to dry- I usually make these in the evenings and then allow to dry overnight.

6. After it's completely dry, trim any edges along the outside of the frame that have paper that is not flush with the edge. Then carefully (so as not to sand the paint) sand the edges to give a clean edge. I like to use nail files/emory boards because I never chip the paint with them, and I never have sandpaper around the house.

7. Tie a bow with some ribbon and glue it on with your hot glue gun. I especially look for any imperfections and try and attach the bow to cover any flaws.

8. Your done! I have some card stock (also purchased with the scrapbook paper) that I cut out to use as the insert.

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